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Mise en pot du miel récolté au Domaine de la Motte-Basse

Tours of the Beehives

Welcome to the fascinating world of the beehives at Domaine de la Motte Basse, where the magic of nature is revealed in every buzz.

Abeille noire Mellifera Mellifera

Our bees, our wonders, our essential little creatures

As you approach, you'll be enchanted by the gentle sound of bees zealously going about their business.


Explore our apiary, a true sanctuary of biodiversity where bees forage among a profusion of colorful flowers, contributing to the vitality of our ecosystem.

Meet Ivan, a passionate beekeeper and true guardian of these precious little creatures. He'll reveal the secrets of bee life, their essential role in pollination and the production of delicious honeys with unique flavors, reflecting the floral diversity of our estate.


Put on your beekeeper's outfit and plunge into the heart of the hive for an unforgettable sensory experience. Observe with fascination the incessant ballet of bees, their remarkable social organization and the precision of their work.



Finally, end your visit by tasting our exceptional honeys, harvested with love and respect for nature. From spring honey with delicate floral aromas to summer honey with fruity, sunny notes, each spoonful is an invitation to a gustatory journey

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