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Tours of the Domaine

The Domaine de la Motte Basse is a real place to live. We welcome you for overnight stays, but also during the day to understand the life of this unique place. Through visits to the estate, the Notre Dame de la Paix farm and the apiary, but also through training courses and an ambitious collective looking for concrete solutions on the subject of bio-diversity.


We're very proud to be able to show you around and accompany you on this human adventure.

Group 1509.png
Domaine de la Motte-Basse sous la neige

Tours of the Domaine

Explore the vast gardens that stretch as far as the eye can see, where colorful flowerbeds rival the majesty of century-old trees. Let yourself be enchanted by birdsong and the soothing murmur of the fountains that dot this haven of peace.

Notre Dame de la Paix Farm

From the moment you arrive, you'll be enveloped by the peaceful atmosphere here, where nature is respected and cherished. Stroll through the lush green fields where a multitude of organically grown produce generously flourish. Don't miss a visit to our animal farm, where cows, chickens and goats roam freely in vast green spaces.

Poules de la ferme Notre Dame de Paix au Domaine de la Motte-Basse
Mise en pot du miel récolté au Domaine de la Motte-Basse

Tours of the Beehives

Let yourself be enchanted by the gentle sound of bees zealously going about their business. Explore our apiary, a true sanctuary of biodiversity where bees forage among a profusion of colorful flowers, contributing to the vitality of our ecosystem.

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