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Local spécialties

Brittany is famous for its specialities such as crêpes/galettes, cider, seafood and delicious salted butter desserts!


Crédits: Office du tourisme Bretagne Granit Rose

As a coastal region, the Côtes d'Armor is renowned for its delicious seafood. Oysters from the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, mussels from the Bay of Morlaix and scallops from the Bay of Saint-Brieuc are all must-tries.

The far breton

Crédits: Passeport Santé

A traditional Breton dessert, far is a moist cake made with flour, milk, eggs, sugar and prunes. It is often flavored with vanilla and rum, and its dense texture makes it a comforting sweetness.

The Breton galette

Galette bretonne - Crédits: Jérémy Loreau

An emblematic specialty of Brittany, the galette bretonne is a savory pancake made from buckwheat flour. It is often topped with cheese, ham, egg and other tasty ingredients.

The kouign-amann

Crédits: France 3 Régions

A delicious Breton cake made with puff pastry, butter and sugar, kouign-amann is a sweet specialty from the Côtes d'Armor region. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, it's perfect for lovers of gourmet desserts.

The fish soup


A rich, flavorful seafood soup, often prepared with local fish such as red mullet, scorpion fish and hake. Served with rouille and bread croutons, it's a perfect comfort dish for chilly days.

Breton pancakes/crêpes

Crédits: France 3 Régions

Although similar to galettes, Breton crêpes are made with wheat flour and are often served as a dessert, topped with jam, chocolate, salted butter caramel or simply sugar and lemon.

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