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Exciting activities

The Breton coast has waves! Discover sensational sports with friends and family for an unforgettable experience.

Kayaking on Lake Saint-Barthelémy

30 minutes drive

Homme kayak

Kayaking on Lac de Saint-Barthélemy offers a unique and rewarding experience in the heart of an unspoilt natural setting. 

  1. The tranquility of the lake: Lac de Saint-Barthélemy is an ideal place for kayaking, thanks to its calm, peaceful waters. Visitors can enjoy a quiet, relaxing atmosphere while paddling on the lake, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  2. Surrounding natural beauty: Surrounded by lush green hills and forests, Lac de Saint-Barthélemy offers spectacular natural scenery to discover from the water. Kayakers can admire the raw beauty of nature, observe local flora and fauna and soak up the serenity of the surroundings.

  3. Access to secluded coves: Kayaking allows visitors to explore secluded corners inaccessible from land. Sailing along the shores of the lake, kayakers can discover hidden coves, deserted beaches and secret spots that only kayakers can access.

  4. Suitable for all levels: Kayaking on Lac de Saint-Barthélemy is an activity accessible to all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced paddler, you can enjoy this activity in complete safety, choosing an itinerary suited to your skill level.

  5. A family experience: Kayaking on Lac de Saint-Barthélemy is an ideal activity for sharing time with family and friends. The two-seater kayaks allow adults and children to paddle together, creating unforgettable memories in an enchanting natural setting.

Paragliding in Brittany!

1h drive

Parapente au dessus de la mer

Le parapente en Bretagne offre une expérience unique et excitante, permettant aux amateurs de voler au-dessus de paysages spectaculaires et de découvrir la région sous un angle totalement nouveau.

  1. Des vols au-dessus de paysages variés : Malgré sa réputation de région plate, la Bretagne offre une grande diversité de paysages propices au parapente. Des falaises escarpées de la Côte d'Émeraude aux plages interminables de sable fin, en passant par les landes sauvages et les vallées verdoyantes, les pilotes de parapente peuvent profiter d'une variété de terrains pour leurs vols.

  2. Des sensations de liberté et d'émerveillement : Le parapente offre une sensation de liberté incomparable, permettant aux pilotes de planer silencieusement dans les airs et de contempler le paysage qui défile sous leurs pieds. La douce brise marine et les panoramas à couper le souffle ajoutent à l'émerveillement de l'expérience, offrant des moments de pure adrénaline et de joie.

  3. Des sites de vol réputés : La Bretagne compte plusieurs sites de vol réputés pour le parapente, offrant des conditions idéales pour les pilotes de tous niveaux. Des sites comme la Pointe du Raz, la Presqu'île de Crozon, et les monts d'Arrée offrent des décollages sécurisés et des thermiques propices au vol en parapente.

  4. A passionate and welcoming community: Brittany is home to a passionate community of paragliders, who meet regularly at flying sites to share their passion and exchange tips. Beginner pilots can benefit from the experience and knowledge of the more experienced, and quickly feel part of this dynamic community.

Paragliding schools and clubs:

  • Les Goëlands d'Armor (Côtes d'Armor)

  • Plouézailes (Côtes d'Armor)

  • Breizh Y Z'Ailes (Côtes d'Armor)


1h drive


Skydiving in Brittany offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience, allowing enthusiasts to experience the thrill of freefall and discover the region's magnificent landscapes from the air. 



  1. The sensation of freefall: Skydiving begins with the unique sensation of freefall, where parachutists launch themselves into the void from the aircraft and descend at dizzying speed back to earth. This experience offers pure, intense adrenalin, with a feeling of absolute freedom as you fly through the air.

  2. Breathtaking panoramas: Brittany's varied and magnificent landscapes take on a whole new dimension from the air. From spectacular coastlines to vast green plains, lush forests and picturesque villages, parachutists can admire breathtaking panoramas throughout their descent.

  3. Professional skydiving centers: Brittany is home to several professional skydiving centers offering tandem jumps, beginner training and advanced courses for experienced skydivers. These centers offer safe, professional supervision, guaranteeing a confident skydiving experience.

  4. Feelings of freedom and adrenalin: Skydiving in Brittany offers a feeling of absolute freedom, as you fly through the air in total lightness. The adrenalin rush of freefall is incomparable, offering moments of pure intensity and wonder at the beauty of the landscape beneath your feet.

  5. A passionate community: Skydiving in Brittany brings together a passionate community of skydivers, who share their passion for this extreme sport and exchange tips and anecdotes about their jumps. Beginners can benefit from the experience of more experienced skydivers and quickly feel part of this dynamic community.

Skydiving schools: 

  • Lannion aerodrome: discover Septième Ciel Parachutisme, a parachuting school approved by the Fédération Française de Parachutisme, for a jump over the Granit Rose coast.

  • Vannes aerodrome: an emblematic skydiving school for skydiving in Brittany, Aero Tandem Celtique offers jumps from Vannes, Dinan/Saint-Malo and Ouessant Island. Ideal for an extraordinary experience!

  • Parachute jumping at Mont-Saint-Michel: Abeille Parachutisme and its teams offer a unique experience near Rennes. Departure point is Avranches airfield, 130 km from Saint-Brieuc.

Coasteering in Plouha

50 minutes drive

Crédits: Cotes d'Armor

Coasteering in Brittany is an exciting adventure activity that combines hiking, climbing, swimming and cliff jumping along the region's rocky coastline.



  1. Exploring wild coasts: Coasteering allows adventurers to explore Brittany's wild and unspoilt coasts, discovering secluded coves, sea caves and spectacular rock formations along the coastline. Participants can discover remote and otherwise inaccessible corners, offering a unique and immersive experience in nature.

  2. Cliff-hiking: Coasteering usually includes sections of cliff-hiking, where participants can follow steep, rocky trails while enjoying breathtaking ocean views. Experienced guides lead participants safely along the routes, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the adventure with complete confidence.

  3. Rock climbing and cliff jumping: Coasteering also includes rock climbing and cliff jumping activities, where participants can climb rocks, dive into the water from varying heights, and jump through waves. These activities offer an adrenalin rush and thrills, while allowing participants to push their limits and take on new challenges.

  4. Open water swimming: Coasteering also involves open water swimming along the coast, allowing participants to explore natural pools, lagoons and hidden coves. Brittany's crystal-clear waters provide an ideal environment for swimming and snorkeling, allowing participants to discover marine life and the beauty of the seabed.

  5. An immersive experience in nature: Coasteering in Brittany offers an immersive experience in nature, allowing participants to reconnect with the natural environment and feel a deep sense of freedom and adventure. It's a unique way to explore the region's wild coastlines and experience unforgettable moments in the great outdoors.

Surfing at Cap Fréhel

50 minutes drive

Homme surf

Surfing at Cap Fréhel in Brittany offers a unique experience for surf enthusiasts, combining powerful waves, spectacular scenery and a wild atmosphere.


  1. Atlantic waves: Cap Fréhel is renowned for its exceptional surfing conditions, with waves breaking regularly along the Atlantic coast. Surf enthusiasts can enjoy powerful, steady waves, ideal for surfing, bodyboarding and bodysurfing.

  2. Sandy beaches: The fine sandy beaches around Cap Fréhel are ideal for surfing, with vast stretches of sand where surfers can train, relax and enjoy the Breton sun. The secluded, unspoilt beaches also offer surfers a sense of privacy and tranquillity.

  3. Wild, unspoilt landscapes: Cap Fréhel is famous for its wild, unspoilt landscapes, with spectacular cliffs, secluded coves and breathtaking panoramic views. Surfers can enjoy the natural beauty of the area while riding the Atlantic waves, offering a unique and unforgettable surfing experience.

  4. A community of passionate surfers: Cap Fréhel is home to a community of passionate surfers, who regularly gather on the region's beaches to share their passion for the sport. Beginners can benefit from the advice and experience of local surfers, while experienced surfers can test themselves against the powerful waves of the Atlantic.

  5. Professional surf schools: For those wishing to discover surfing or improve their skills, Cap Fréhel boasts several professional surf schools offering courses, internships and training sessions for all levels. These schools offer safe, professional supervision, guaranteeing a confident surfing experience.

Hiking on the "customs" (Sentiers des Douaniers) (GR34)

1h drive to the trail

Sentier des douaniers

The Sentier des Douaniers, also known as the GR34, is an emblematic coastal path that runs along the coast of Côtes-d'Armor in Brittany.

  1. Breathtaking panoramas: The Sentier des Douaniers offers spectacular views of the Breton coastline, with sheer cliffs, sandy beaches, secluded coves and rocky islands dotted along the way. Hikers can admire breathtaking scenery at every turn along the trail, offering a true immersion in the region's natural beauty.

  2. A variety of landscapes: The trail traverses a wide variety of coastal landscapes, from wild moors and sand dunes to steep cliffs and picturesque harbors. Hikers can discover an impressive diversity of natural environments, home to a rich and varied flora and fauna along the way.

  3. A fascinating history : The Sentier des Douaniers takes its name from the old customs officers who were responsible for guarding the coast against smuggling. Following this trail, hikers can discover historic relics such as watchtowers, fortifications and lighthouses that bear witness to the region's rich maritime past.

  4. An unforgettable hiking experience: The Sentier des Douaniers is an unforgettable hiking experience, offering walkers moments of calm and contemplation in the heart of wild nature. The soothing sounds of the waves breaking on the rocks, the enchanting scent of the sea air and the feeling of freedom that comes from walking along the coast make this hike an experience in itself.

  5. Endless possibilities for exploration: The Sentier des Douaniers offers numerous possibilities for exploration and adventure, with side paths leading to remarkable natural sites, picturesque villages and panoramic viewpoints. Hikers can choose to cover the trail in one day, or divide it into several stages to take full advantage of all it has to offer.

The Équibreizh

1h drive to the circuit

Créateur : Emmanuel Berthier

The Équibreizh is an emblematic equestrian tour that covers over 900 kms of Brittany's land and coast.

  1. A cross-Brittany itinerary: The Équibreizh is an itinerary through Brittany, allowing riders to discover the region's diverse landscapes. From wild coastlines to verdant valleys, moors and forests, this equestrian tour offers a complete immersion in Brittany's nature.

  2. Varied and picturesque stages: The Équibreizh includes several varied and picturesque stages, where riders can discover typical villages, historic sites and breathtaking landscapes. Each stage offers its share of discoveries and adventures, allowing riders to experience unique moments in the heart of Brittany.

  3. An unforgettable equestrian adventure: Équibreizh is a true equestrian adventure, offering riders an unforgettable experience in contact with horses and nature. The special relationship that develops between rider and mount, and the opportunity to meet other equestrian enthusiasts, make this experience even more enriching and memorable.

  4. Immerse yourself in Breton culture: Équibreizh allows riders to discover the many facets of Breton culture, by meeting local people, sampling regional culinary specialities and taking part in traditional cultural events. It's a unique opportunity to soak up the authenticity and charm of Brittany.

  5. A sporting and personal challenge: The Équibreizh is also a sporting and personal challenge for riders, who have to show resilience, endurance and determination to cover the miles on horseback. It's an experience that allows riders to push back their limits and surpass themselves, while taking full advantage of the beauty and diversity of Brittany's landscapes.

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